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[NEW]  15mm Hercules Exploration Pod

[NEW]  Octo UFOs

[NEW]  Electricity Pylons

[COMING SOON] - will think of something.


Ordering:   The new site has proper e-commerce function with payment from PayPal.

UK Postage:

Is fixed at £3.00 to around 2kGs - send by Royal Mail 2nd Class parcel

£6.00 upto 10kGs - will use a courier or will send two Parcel by RM Parcel

International Postage:

This is processed slightly differently as had a headache setting up costs for international destinations without shafting you on postage costs.

If you send my a note of what you want I can estimate the weight & tell you the postage. If this price is OK, put order on system as if UK destination & I will send you a PayPal invoice for difference.



UK Postage options are:

RoyalMail - fast but can be expensive for larger orders (ie: anything above                   2kGs)

PARCEL2GO - UPS Colectionpoint - for £6.00 next day delivery to local shop

CollectPlus - 3-5 Days Delivery Time but cheaper than RM, can be delivered to a local shop near your home or place of work. They email you when ready for collection. Can do up to 10kGs.

International Orders:

Can be expensive to post overseas, for smaller orders I use Royal Mail, with larger orders (usually above 2kgs) I use Parcel2Go to find cheapest option.  

For larger European orders I will tend to use UPS CollectionPoint, sent a 17 sheet (around 7kGs) order to German with tracking for £15.60.

With parcel2go & ParcelMonkey the prices don't seem to jump massively between kilogram weights.

If you known anyone who wants to, for some reason, licence my designs in other countries I am happy to enter discussion about it.


All buildings & structures are laser cut MDF (mostly 3mm), are supplied
unpainted & unassembled. No I don’t have space to do pre-painted or primed versions.

Most are for the Sci-fi/modernish era in 15-20mm scale.
Adding new designs as I think about them & able to finish them.

I am happy to do designs on request (a bit of good grovelling/buttering up might be required).  
Really must get around to doing the large drilling barge

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<<<< NEW STUFF >>>>

Due to various reasons (mostly because it’s cheaper) I have moved my items from this Domain to:


Even better you get an e-commerce site instead of my old clunky site.

I will be keeping this site open so will have place to store assembly guides, information, & other bits as the e-commerce site does not allow PDF & non store pages at present.

Safety Notice:

The items on this site are NOT TOYS, they are detailed structures designed for gamers and modellers. My company's  products are not suitable for children aged under 14 years, or for unsupervised use by anyone who cannot be trusted to handle them responsibly.